About Us

HSTS can deliver services tailored to your business needs.

As a core team we have vast industry experience. We formed HSTS in 2013 to bring senior professionals to clients direct and to keep overheads low in doing so.

HSTS offers on-time and on-budget programme, project, procurement, FM, design and contract services. We provide a commercially focused team for private and public sector clients, managing construction delivery and dedicated programmes of work.

With a proven track record of running major rollout programmes for blue-chip clients, our customers are assured of a confident

At HSTS we put the client at the front and foremost of delivery. We use our tools, systems and people to deliver all services in a client focused manner. Understanding our customers goals and values is pivotal to the way we deliver.

We are adaptable and can use your existing systems, import our own, or even develop new app- based systems and reporting tools to benefit you going forward.

We are in a people business and know that having the right people, with the right skills and, more importantly the right outlook is crucial.

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